[Error] Microsoft Teams: We're sorry—we've run into an issue.

Microsoft Teams Error Were sorry—we have run into an issue

If you get the above error message when tying to login or when you open Microsoft teams application on your device then it is mostly you ran into one of the below issues,

  1. Make sure your system has internet connectivity.
  2. Did you recently reset your SSO password? Try re-login
  3. You Teams application might have crashed. Try restarting
  4. Are you on the latest version of teams? Check for updates!

If you are unable to resolve this issue, you should see the Error code and desktop details on the Teams window, just copy it and provide it to your companies IT administrator, example - I see the below details,

Error code - 4c7

There's a more permanent way to sign in to Microsoft Teams. 
If you're having trouble completing the process, talk to your IT admin

With this information IT admin must be able to help you fix the "We're sorry—we've run into an issue." if you cannot!

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