Locate Notepad++ unsaved files backup location

The very best advantage of using Text Editors such as Notepad++ is that it periodically (mostly by default every 7 seconds) backs up your files somewhere, if you are wondering where exactly does Notepad++ stores these files, well you can find it out go going to Preferences -> Backup -> Backup path,

How to locate Notepad++ file Backup path?

  1. Open Notepad++,
  2. Go to Menu: Settings -> Preferences...,
  3. Now go to Backup, look for Backup path: under Session Snapshot and periodic backup,
  4. Copy that path and open in explorer, you would see all the unsaved tab files example: C:\Users\code2care\AppData\Roaming\Notepad++\backup, file new 1@2020-06-28_002515
Notepad++ Unsaved file backup location
Notepad++ Unsaved file backup location

⚡️ So if you want to recover your unsaved tabs files, you can go to this location and recover them!

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