How to record PowerPoint slide show presentation on Mac - narration, slide timings, ink gestures

⭐ Feature rolling out in December 2020 for Mac PowerPoint users.

You can enhance a PowerPoint slide show by using narrations, ink gestures and slide timings. Using a sound card, microphone, speakers you make the presentation recording more appealing and easy to understand.
Recording PowerPoint on Mac supported only the recording of presenter audio narration until now, but with the new feature updates you can even record presenter videos.

PowerPoint for Mac record.png
PowerPoint for Mac record (pic courtesy - Microsoft)

How to record PowerPoint presentation slide on MAC ?

  1. Locate the new toolbar (as shown in image) at the top of the recording view.
  2. Record narration video and audio - use a webcam to record own video, it can be at the bottom right of screen (Mac supported only recording audio narration earlier).
  3. Control the recording - Presenters can easily start, pause, resume, and stop the recording.
  4. Highlight and ink in slides - New inking UI allows presenters to easily access pen and highlighter tools to highlight parts of the slide, add notes, or diagram elements.
  5. Record motions - Inking gestures, including laser pointer, will be captured and motions will play in the recording.
Useful article - How to record PowerPoint slide show with narration and slide timings.

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