How to connect to an FTP or SFTP location using Notepad++

Connect to FTP SFTP locations using Notepad++
Connect to FTP SFTP locations using Notepad++

In order to connect to an FTP or an SFTP location using Notepad++, you first need to download the NppFTP plugin from plugin Manager, once you do that follow the below steps,

  1. Go to Plugins -> NppFTP -> Show NppFTP Window, you will see a section at the right,
  2. Click on Gear icon and select Profile Setting,
  3. Click on Add new button,
  4. Add Host Name,
  5. Select Connect type: FTP, FTPS, FTPES or SFTP,
  6. You can add username and password or check "ask for password" for a prompt,
  7. Select the port if its not default,
  8. Set timeout, default 30 seconds,
  9. Set initial remote directory,
  10. There is an authentication tab that has options to add private key file and passpharse,
  11. Also check out Transfer,FTP Misc and cache tabs.
  12. Click Close,
  13. Now you should see the first icon enabled (connect/disconnect) click on it and choose your profile.

You can also check the logs, by clicking on show messages window,

-> TYPE I  
-> Quit  
Unable to connect
More about the package:
Allows FTP, FTPS, FTPES, and SFTP communications. Very useful for web development.
Author: ashish_kulz

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