How to clear cache and browsing history in Google Chrome?

When you visit websites on your Web Browsers they save a lot of information such as Cookies, CSS, Images, javaScript files, and much more, at times you may have to clear the cache (clear browsing history) to fix a problem.

To Clear Cache on Google Chrome, click on the top right more (3 vertical white dots) and under More Tools select Clear browsing data, on the pop-up click Clear Data button.

Let's see the same steps in pictures so its easy to understand,

  1. Step 1: Locate the 3 dots,
  2. Step 1 -Google Chrome 3 Dots
    Step 1 -Google Chrome 3 Dots
  3. Step 2: Select Menu option More tools,
  4. Step 2 - More tools
    Step 2 - More tools
  5. Step 3: Under more tools select Clear Browsing data,
  6. Step 3 - Clear Browsing data
    Step 3 - Clear Browsing data
  7. Step 4: Click on clear data button to clear cache.
  8. Step 4 - Clear Browsing data
    Step 4 - Clear Browsing data

⚡️ Under Time range you can select All time to clear all your browsing history.

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