[Fix] Microsoft 53003 Error

Fixing 53003 Error
Troubleshooting details
If you contact your administrator, send this info to them.

Error Code: 53003
Request Id: xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx
Correlation Id: xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx
Timestamp: 2022-10-13T01:02:13.123Z
App name: Microsoft Teams
App ID: xxx-xxx-xx-xxx
IP address: xxx-xx-xx-xxx
Device identifier: Not available
Device platform: iOS
Device state: DomainJoined

If you are using Microsoft 365 Services like Outlook, Teams, OneDrive or Office and you receive an 53003 (BlockedByConditionalAccess) error code then its most likely related to the Conditional Access Policy

✏️ Troubleshooting sign-in problems with Conditional Access

If you are not the admin, its better to get in touch with your business/organization IT Admin to check for Azure Conditional Access Policies associated with your account.


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