Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram down in many regions - UK, Europe, Australia

Dec 18 2020 - Users are reporting that Instagram is crashing continuously on the App. As a workaround, it works from the Google Chrome browser for some. Try Incognito, that works too in few cases.

Users are facing multiple crash issues with the App and errors.

⚠️ Report bug - java.lang.NullPointerException

Instagram report bug nullpointerexception
Instagram report bug nullpointerexception

⚠️ Instagram keeps stopping

Instagram keeps stopping
Instagram keeps stopping

⚠️ Instagram runtime exception - Instagram is experiencing crashes

Instagram runtime exception
Instagram runtime exception
Many users are facing issues with Facebook. This is happening worldwide.
Users have also reported that they are also facing problems with Facebook Messenger and Instagram.
Tags: #FacebookDown #FacebookMessengerDown #InstagramDown
Facebook down
Facebook down

People have flooded Twitter with #FacebookDown tweets.

Most issues reported are for Facebook Messenger, but users also complained that Facebook and Instagram also stopped functioning. The outage is not impacting and affecting all users. Complaining users said they cant send messages and few not able to log in at all.
Facebook Instagram down
Facebook Instagram down

⚡️ Official Facebook Twitter handle tweeted

We’re aware that some people are currently having trouble accessing the Facebook family of apps. We’re working to resolve the issue as soon as possible

⚡️ Official Instagram Twitter handle tweeted

We know this is frustrating, and our team is hard at work to resolve this ASAP.


  • Was the WhatsApps new policy implemented? I want a way to disagree it and uninstall WhatsApp, how to?
    06 Mar 2021 11:45:12 GMT
  • Fecebook is not working on my iPhone, keeps crashing, any outages?
    01 Mar 2021 05:34:09 GMT
  • Is Instagram down?
    11 Feb 2021 18:21:11 GMT
  • Insta app is not giving problems, videos keep loading but never come up, anyone else facing this?
    11 Feb 2021 18:10:29 GMT
  • App keeps crashing. At first I thought my phone was the problem, then I uninstalled the app and installed it again and it keeps crashing.
    18 Dec 2020 11:44:22 GMT
  • try clearing app data and retry
    18 Dec 2020 11:40:14 GMT
  • Re installing did not help, same issue.
    18 Dec 2020 11:37:51 GMT
  • What's happening Mark? Facebook, Instagram .. what now? WhatsApp ?
    18 Dec 2020 11:30:22 GMT
  • Instagram is not working on my phone anymore after downloading the new update. 😭😭
    18 Dec 2020 11:27:02 GMT
  • whats with Instagram crashing issue.. seriously OnePlus updates are downgrading day by day
    18 Dec 2020 11:25:12 GMT
  • Instagram crashing abruptly. Anyone facing the same issue? #instagram #instagramdown
    18 Dec 2020 11:23:43 GMT
  • Anyone else #instagramdown or is it just my phone
    18 Dec 2020 11:20:11 GMT
  • crashing continuously today
    18 Dec 2020 11:15:02 GMT
  • Insta giving intermittent problem today, getting error when uploading video "Video upload failed. Please try again later.".
    14 Dec 2020 05:11:37 GMT
  • LOL people going crazy when a free App is down.
    10 Dec 2020 17:23:44 GMT
  • Still and issue for Me with FB chat, both mobile app and website from browser.
    10 Dec 2020 17:02:21 GMT
  • All seems normal now, no issues.
    10 Dec 2020 15:39:38 GMT
  • Fixed in Bulgaria
    10 Dec 2020 14:50:02 GMT
  • Looks they fixed it, IM is working now.
    10 Dec 2020 14:33:40 GMT
  • A report from Yes the Best Dumaguete Radio has reported that Facebook Messenger has been shutdown because of some words that has been trending from Twitter that has caused an outage of Messenger. Fb Lite may be affected but not the original Facebook.
    10 Dec 2020 14:20:12 GMT
  • this is global, users reporting this since 5 past hours but not fixed yet.
    10 Dec 2020 13:22:11 GMT
  • California, nobody can send messages :(
    10 Dec 2020 13:02:30 GMT
  • any ETA? no comment from Zuckerberg?
    10 Dec 2020 12:58:41 GMT
  • From Sweden, down here for all my university friends.
    10 Dec 2020 12:51:00 GMT
  • Spend time with your family, FB is not that important.
    10 Dec 2020 12:49:09 GMT
  • This is alien attach!!
    10 Dec 2020 12:32:12 GMT
  • Problem only with Messenger, it does not connect to the internet for some reason
    10 Dec 2020 12:24:26 GMT
  • error with Instagram video
    Instagram down
    Instagram down
    10 Dec 2020 20:20:22 GMT
  • This is a mass outage. Take this as an opportunity for your digital wellbeing :)
    10 Dec 2020 12:11:45 GMT
  • Problems with connection in Bulgaria. Can't send messeges, and it show info "connecting in messenger and in web page".
    10 Dec 2020 12:02:10 GMT
  • It says there is no internet, but I am connected. Strange..
    10 Dec 2020 11:55:12 GMT
  • Cannot post a picture, says no internet connection, cant even post a comment. Cannot send from Messenger either. My laptop shows I am connected.
    10 Dec 2020 11:52:33 GMT
  • Florida, down!
    10 Dec 2020 11:12:33 GMT
  • Working for Me. I am in India.
    10 Dec 2020 11:03:23 GMT
  • Intermittent here in Sri Lanka with Instagram.
    10 Dec 2020 10:42:12 GMT
  • think all the application related to facebook are impacted (messenger, instagram), and all over the world
    10 Dec 2020 10:34:01 GMT
  • Messenger is down in Canada, since 30 mins or so.
    10 Dec 2020 10:29:37 GMT
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