How to Auto Save a file in Notepad++

In this example, we will take a look at how to auto-save a file in Notepad++ using Plugin AutoSave,

  1. Open Notepad++,
  2. Go to Plugins -> Plugins Admin..,
  3. Now search AutoSave,
  4. Click on Install, Notepad++ will get restarted,
  5. You will able to see the plugin under: Plugins -> Auto Save -> Options
Notepad++ Auto Save Plugin Options

You can choose from the options,

Auto Save when:
  • Notepad++ loose focus,
  • "At time intervals every x minutes"

You can also save the named and unnamed files.


Author: Franco Stellari

Automatically save the currently open files based on a timer schedule and/or upon the application losing focus. The plugin offers several options to save the current (or all the files), selecting only the named ones, accessible through an options dialog box.


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