Audio Video Network protocols supported by Android OS Devices

If you are planning to develop an Android Application that makes use of Audio/Video playback, then as an app developer you should know what network protocols are supported by the Android platform based devices,

Below is a list of network protocols that are supported for playback of Audio and Video formats on Android OS (devices),

  1. HTTP/HTTPS Hypertext Transfer Protocol (Secure) progressive streaming
  2. RTSP: Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTP, SDP)
  3. HTTP/HTTPS: live streaming draft protocol:
    • MPEG-2: TS media files only
    • Protocol version 3: (Android 4.0 and above)
    • Protocol version 2: (Android 3.x)

⚡️Note: HTTPS is not supported before the Android 3.1 version for audio/video playback.

Audio Video Network protocols supported by Android.PNG

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