pip get list of all outdated Python packages

If you are looking for a list of all the outdated Python packages installed on your macOS or Windows system, you can try the below command,

  1. Open Terminal if using macOS/Linux or CMD for Windows,
  2. Now type command: pip list --outdated
  3. You should get a list of all packages that are outdated and its current version and available latest version.
$ pip list --outdated
Package            Version       Latest    Type
------------------ ------------- --------- -----
attrs              19.3.0        20.3.0    wheel
Automat            0.8.0         20.2.0    wheel
certifi            2019.11.28    2020.11.8 wheel
Click              7.0           7.1.2     wheel
colorama           0.4.3         0.4.4     wheel
cryptography       2.8           3.2.1     wheel
distro             1.4.0         1.5.0     wheel
distro-info        0.23ubuntu1   0.10      sdist
httplib2           0.14.0        0.18.1    wheel
hyperlink          19.0.0        20.0.1    wheel
idna               2.8           2.10      wheel
importlib-metadata 1.5.0         2.0.0     wheel
incremental        16.10.1       17.5.0    wheel
Jinja2             2.10.1        2.11.2    wheel
jsonpatch          1.22          1.26      wheel
keyring            18.0.1        21.5.0    wheel
lazr.restfulclient 0.14.2        0.14.3    sdist
lazr.uri           1.0.3         1.0.5     sdist
MarkupSafe         1.1.0         1.1.1     wheel
more-itertools     4.2.0         8.6.0     wheel
netifaces          0.10.4        0.10.9    sdist
pyasn1             0.4.2         0.4.8     wheel

⚡️ You can also use pip list -o (shorthand)

PIP get List of Outdated Packages details.
PIP get List of Outdated Packages details.

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