Indent Python code in Notepad++

Python code requires strict indentation and if you are using a text editor such as Notepad++ instead of an IDE you may have difficult times dealing with code intent issues.

Python Indent is the plugin that you may need to install, here is how you can do that,

  1. Open Notepad++
  2. Go to Plugins -> Plugin Admins.
  3. Search for Python Indent.
  4. Tick the checkbox against it and click Install, Notepad++ will get restarted.
  5. Now to use it go to Plugins -> Python Indent -> Enable
  6. Make sure you have Python Language selected.
  7. Now anything you type will be auto indented.
Notepad++ Python Indent Example.gif
Notepad++ Python Indent Example

More about the Plugin:

Python auto-indent plugin.
Author: Derek Brown

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