Run SharePoint Flow on weekday, weekend, specific day

Ever wanted to run a workflow only on weekdays ?
Or for that matter - execute only over the weekend, run on selective days, exclude holidays ?

When it comes to Power Automate (Flow), the "Recurrence" trigger can be run on selected days from the week at given time.
The traditional way to achieve this was complex, where you find out the current day and check if it is a Saturday or Sunday, accordingly decide to trigger the logic or not.

Start by creating a new flow from

  1. Navigate to Power Automate portal.
  2. Click "New Flow".
  3. Select "Scheduled Cloud Flow".
  4. Provide name and frequency for the Flow.
  5. You can select the days on which the Flow should run from this screen itself, as shown in below image.
    Repeat every = 1 week
    On these days = select desired days
    Flow exclude weekend
    Flow exclude weekend
  6. Click Create.
  7. Add other actions to your Flow and save.

Alternatively, you can also use the "Recurrence" trigger from a blank Flow to schedule the task.

  1. Select the frequency as "1 week".
  2. Interval = 1
    Frequency = Week
  3. Expand "Show advanced options".
  4. For "on these days", select the days on which you want to run the Flow. For weekdays, select - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
  5. Provide the time when you want to run the Flow using "At these hours" and "At these minutes" field.
  6. Trigger Flow on weekdays only
    Trigger Flow on weekdays only
  7. The Preview displays when the workflow runs, including day and time.
  8. Add other actions and complete the Flow.
  9. Test over a week to confirm it runs correctly at defined intervals.

If you want to trigger the Flow only on weekend (Saturday and Sunday), select as below.

Trigger Power Automate Flow on weekend
Trigger Power Automate Flow on weekend

This approach comes handy when you need to perform a scheduled activity during off hours using Power Automate Flow and SharePoint, say sending reminders for overdue approvals over the weekend or archive older documents.

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