Toast not getting displayed Android App

If a toast message is not getting displayed when you run your android Application,

1. Check that you have used .show() method on the toast object as an initial troubleshooting step.

2. Also, check if there are any error logs in LogCat.

3. Make sure that you are working on the UI thread.

4. Try changing the contexts and try : MyActivity.this or this or getApplicationContext()

If everything looks fine, yet no Toast displayed then check the Android OS version you're running the App.

Since Jelly Beans 4.2 (API level 16) users can disable App level Notifications by going to : Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> AnyApp -> uncheck "Show Notification"

Note : When the Notification is disabled, Apps will not display any notification on Notification bar also it will not display any Toast messages for that app.

So a user running Jelly Beans or Higher may disable Notifications for your app, this as an adverse effect of this, no toast message will be displayed for your app too!

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