Safari appends .html extension to files that are downloaded

I came across a weird issue while downloading files on Safari browser, the files downloaded from one of my server appended had .zip.html to them instead of .zip as expected, though I could remove the extra .html extension and could access the file, that's a bad idea.

This bug was not reported on other browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox. Thinking about the cause of it, I was able to guess that it was something related to HTTP request/response header issue: MIME or Context-Type

So I used Inspect Element on Safari to check what the Context-Type was set for the response sent to the server. It was wrongly set as ContentType (hyphen missing) causing this problem. The response had two header parameters ContextType: application/xml and Context-Type: text/html

Maybe other browser's were able to resolve this issue thus not causing this issue.

So its the webserver issue. I hope this helps someone who is facing the same problem.

safari header context-type
safari header context-type

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