Recover SharePoint if the SQL Server IP changes

✔️ Best Practice - Always refer to SQL using Machine Name instead of IP Address

Follow below steps to re-connect the SharePoint FARM to SQL,

  1. Login to SharePoint Server and run Production Configuration Wizard

  2. Disconnect the database from SharePoint Server

  3. Login to the SQL Database Server and change the SQL Database Server IP Address

  4. Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

  5. Go to SharePoint_Config database and run the following command to change the Exist database IP Address

    • Find Server Name/IP Address using following command and note the ID select * from Objects where Name LIKE \'%OLD IP ADDRESS%\'
    • Update Server IP Address using following command Begin tran
    • Update Objects set Name=\'NEW IP\' where Id=\'corresponding ID\'
    • Commit tran
    • Run SharePoint Product Configuration Wizard

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