Multiple line editing in Notepad++

As new versions of Notepad++ are coming up, they are making it more powerful with more plugins and add-ons. One of such addon is Multi-Editing

Notepad++ Mult-Editing Demo
Notepad++ Mult-Editing Demo

How to do it :

  1. If you want to to Edit a file at Multiple line at the same time, you can do it using Multi-Editing. By default Multi-Editing is disabled, So you need to enable it by going to Menu : Settings -> Preferences -> Editing (Tab)

  2. Now Check Enable (Ctrl+Mouse click/selection) under Multi-Editing Settings.

  3. Now keep pressing Ctrl Button and Click on all places where you want the Cursor to Edit text simultaneously. Once you are done you can start editing at multiple places on the same file.
Enabling Multi-Editing Notepad++
Enabling Multi-Editing Notepad++
This is really a very useful feature for developers, editing at multiple places at the same time saves a lot of time.

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