How to find AUTO_INCREMENT Fields value in MySQL table

If you want to know at any given time what is the next value of an AUTO_INCREMENT filed for a given table in your MySql database then you can get it by running the below query in your phpMyAdmin SQL tab.

Query : show table status like "your_table_name";

You would get a record with details about the queried table like,

Name, Engine, Version, Row_format, Rows, Avg_row_length, Data_length, Max_data_length, Index_length, Data_free, Auto_increment, Create_time, Update_time, Check_time, Collation, Checksum, Create_options, Comment.

Auto increment filed value
Auto increment filed value

The value of Auto_increment filed is the next value that will be used when some record is added to this table.

If you want to change this value, just edit the filed and apply the changes.

Post Date : January 21st 2015

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