How to export bookmarks from Google Chrome Browser

You may have added many Browser Bookmarks of pages you often visit or the ones that you would like to read later, you can either sync your bookmarks with your Gmail (Cloud) but if you wish to have then as a file ( maybe you want it to be imported to some other browser bookmarks or just keep a copy of it) you can do it by the following steps,

Steps to Export Chrome Browser Bookmarks

  1. click the Chrome menu Chrome menu at the top right corner.

  2. Select Bookmarks => Choose Bookmark Manager.

  3. Click the "Organize" menu at the left side (its a dropdown menu).

  4. Select Export bookmarks to html file ...

  5. Save the file.

  6. As it is an HTML page with bookmarks as hyperlinks you can open it in any browser or even import it to some other browser if you wish

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