Find the location of Spotlight searched file

You must have seen that when you search of a file in Mac OS X Spotlight search you do not get the location of the file where it is enclosed, we do not have a right-click options to see where the file is located.

How to find the File Enclosed Location ?

  1. Search for the file you are looking for on Spotlight
  2. Now look if the file is present in the searched result,
  3. If yes then scroll down the searched result and you will see Show all in Finder...
  4. Now you would see these files in Finder, Right Click on the file and Select Show Enclosing Folder to get the location.
Search the file and select Show in Finder.png
Search the file and select Show in Finder.png
Show in Enclosing Folder.png
Show in Enclosing Folder.png

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