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Disclaimer: This is my unbiased review of Ezoic's services based on my 100-day experience with Code2care, and I have received no compensation for it.

Code2care.org is focused on providing solutions to technical problems and recently celebrated it celebrated its 10-year anniversary. With over 8 million visitors to the site over the past decade, I want to express gratitude to all those who have visited the site and found it helpful.

I have been Google AdSense for over 10 years and was satisfied, as a website owner, I often received generic emails from advertising platforms requesting me to try their services. These emails lacked a personal touch and did not seem genuinely interested in my website or its purpose so I always treated them as spam.

The email from Ezoic

Amidst my September 2022 vacation, I received an email from Ezoic (Matt) that instantly caught my attention. Unlike the mundane emails that usually flood my inbox, this email stood out with its unique content and engaging approach.

  1. It was not an auto-generated templated email.
  2. The sender had done their research of my website and the traffic trends.
  3. Also identified a potential opportunity for revenue growth.
  4. The email was not just a generic sales pitch, but it also offers a solution to a common problem faced by website.

Although I intended to reply to the initial email from Ezoic, my busy schedule during the extended vacation period and subsequent work priorities kept me from doing so. However, the positive and polite tone of the follow-up emails that I received compelled me to finally respond.

As I was previously unfamiliar with Ezoic, I apologized and explained that I would need to conduct some research before making a decision. I expressed interest in possibly considering the opportunity early next year, and the responsive and respectful nature of the emails made me feel comfortable and confident about doing so."

To begin my review of Ezoic, I conducted extensive research by exploring their website, scouring online forums like Reddit and Quora, browsing through YouTube videos, and checking out their Twitter presence. The overwhelmingly positive feedback I found from these sources, being a Google AdSense partner, gave me the confidence to move forward with Ezoic and see what they could offer me but I was planning 2023.

After my initial correspondence with Ezoic, they followed up with another email stating that the fourth quarter would be an ideal time to make the transition, given the high demand for publishers. They also assured me that a team would be available to guide me through the onboarding process. This was just the nudge I needed, and I happily accepted their offer to move forward.

Ezoic implementation hurdles

I initially anticipated a seamless integration process, but as my website was non-WordPress-based, I encountered some challenges with firewall complications on my end. Despite these hurdles, Matt and the technical team at Ezoic went above and beyond to provide reassurance and support. They worked with me over the course of a few days to ensure that all technical difficulties were resolved on my end, an act that exceeded my expectations of their level of service.

The integration was up and running a week prior to Black Friday, and the results met my expectations. I witnessed a significant boost in my website's performance, thanks to Ezoic's CDN Leap. The timing of this integration could not have been better, and it provided a much-needed boost to my website's revenue during the holiday season.

My Feedback on Ezoic Services

I will not write an essay on their services as you can get it from other blogs and even their website. I will just put in my feedback based on my 100 days with them.

  • I was missing the human touch when it came to being a publisher. Matt and the team are a message away on Slack and very responsive, understanding, and supportive.
  • When there is no ad inventory available, Ezoic displays charity ads that align with my website's philosophy, allowing me to contribute to a cause that I strongly believe in.
  • Their Support team is good at solving technical issues and are always ready to help.
  • I have monthly connects with the Team to work on areas I can improve.
  • Humix video service is a really good way to publish video content (can move your Youtube videos easily and make more of it)
  • They have a lot of tools to help you create good user-friendly content: NicheIQ, Flickify, Humix, etc

Overall, Ezoic has truly delivered on its promise of providing a human touch to the publishing experience. They have exceeded my expectations at every turn, and I am grateful to have found such a supportive partner for my website.

If you wish to reach out to Ezoic to know more - you can reach out to Matthew Clarke (mclarke@ezoic.com), he is really helpful when it comes to signing up and post onboarding assessments and help.If you wish to do not hesitate to mention Code2care :)

Feel free to reach out to me if you want to know more!


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Author: Rakesh
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Rakesh is a seasoned developer with over 10 years of experience in web and app development, and a deep knowledge of operating systems. Author of insightful How-To articles for Code2care.

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