Base 64 Encoding Decoding In Notepad++

If you want to Base 64 Encode or Decode a text string without writing a program or using tools online, well Notepad++ text editor has Base 64 encoding decoding options under Plugins -> MIME Tools that would be helpful.

Example of how to use MIME Base 64 Encoding/Decoding Plugin:

  1. Open your file in Notepad++ (or write/paste text in the editor tab).
  2. Select the text that you want to encode or decode.
  3. Go-to Plugins -> MIME Tools -> Base64 Encode/Decoder.
  4. Based on what option you selected the text will be translated accordingly!
1. Notepad++ Base64 Encoder-Decoder Plugin
1. Notepad++ Base64 Encoder-Decoder Plugin
Result :

You can see here that the text is now base64 encoded.

2. Result- Base64 Encoded Text
2. Result- Base64 Encoded Text

⚡️ If you want to use an online tool - we have created one - Note: The translation happens offline on the browser :) its Safe!


  • This is really cool! I do not really want to decrypt my passwords online, having this feature in a text editors makes it more secure!

    Base64 encoding is algorithm used to encode binary data such as images, sounds. It can be embedded in the HTML or CSS code.

    • Sending data via GET/POST HTTP requests.
    • Files while sending Emails.
    • Image encryption in webpages - HTML/CSS
    • To output binary data as XML or JSON in API responses
    • To preserve raw bytes of cryptographic functions.
    • While saving binary files in database tables.
    • Encrypt raw text for security (not a good idea though)
    anonymous 13 Sep 2020 13:09:55 GMT
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