21 Useful Android Emulator Short-cut Keyboard Keys

Android Emulator simulates the mobile phone on your Computer, you may use the mouse in order to perform touch events, but as developers we always like to use much of keyboard rather then mouse, so , here 21 very useful keyboard short-cuts that you may like to know.

List of Emulator keys mapped to your Keyboard:

1. Menu (Left Soft Key)
Key : Shift + F12 or Page Up Button

2. Home
Key : Home Button

3. Star (Right Soft Key)
Key :Shift + F2 or Page Down Button

4. Search
Key : F5

5. Android Call/Dail Button
Key : F3

6. End Call/Hang Up Button
Key : F4

7. Back
Key : Esc Key

8. Power Button
Key : F7

9. Audio/Volume Up
Key : Numpad Plus or Ctrl + F5

10. Audio/Volume Down
Key : Numpad Minus or Ctrl + F6

11. Camera
Key : Ctrl + Numpad 5 or Ctrl + F3

12. Previous Layout Orientation
Key : Numpad 7 or Ctrl + F11

13. Next Layout Orientation
Key : Numpad 9 or Ctrl + F12

14. Toggle Trackball Mode
Key : F6

15. Trackball Mode (Temporarily)
Key : Delete

16. D-Pad left/up/right/down
Key : Numpad 4 8 6 2

17. D-Pad Center
Key : Numpad 5

18. Phone Network ON/OFF
Key : F8

19. Code profiling Toggle
Key : F9

20. Fullscreen Mode
Key : Alt + Enter

21. Onion Alpha increase or decrease
Key : Numpad * or Numpad /

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