zsh: exec format error eclipse M1 Mac

Last login: Sun Jan 30 13:13:38 on ttys000

/Users/code2care/Downloads/eclipse/eclipse ; exit;            
 % /Users/code2care/Downloads/eclipse/eclipse ; exit;

zsh: exec format error: /Users/code2care/Downloads/eclipse/eclipse

Saving session...

...copying shared history...

...saving history...truncating history files...


If you have a Mac with M1 chip, and you downloaded Arch64 package from eclipse.org to install Eclipse IDE, extracting eclipse-java-2021-12-M1-linux-gtk-aarch64.tar and running the eclipse file will give the above error because, the setup is not meant for M1 Mac but for Linux.

Eclipse IDE 2021-12 M1 Packages
Eclipse IDE 2021-12 M1 Packages
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