Show Desktop Keyboard Shortcut on Mac

In the Windows Operating System, Control + D is the most often used keyboard shortcut to minimize all the Applications and show you just the Desktop so you can see all the files and folders on it.

If you are on a Mac Computer (Mac Mini, iMac, or Mac Studio) or a Macbook and wondering what the Keyboard shortcut is for the same Show Desktop functionality on macOS, well it is Function + F11 keys

Show Desktop Mac Keyboard Shortcut

Note: If you just press the F11 key it will decrease the volume, you have to press both Fn + F11 keys together.

Alternate ways to "Show Desktop"

You can also try to use the Function + F3 keys, as well as you can make use of the Trackpad Gesture if you are on a Macbook Air or Pro device.

Trackpad Gesture to Show Desktop:
Spread with thumb and three fingers
Mac Trackpad Show Desktop Gesture

You can add a customized keyboard shortcut to set Ctrl + D keys to have the same functionality as Windows on Mac.


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