Show battery percentage on MacBook Menu Bar [Ventura 13]

Battery Percentage enabled on macOS Ventura

The default setting of macOS Ventura (version 13) does not show battery percentage on your Macbook device, to enable it, click on the Apple Logo  on the Menu Bar and select System Settings... -> Control Center and enable "Show Percentage" under Battery.

Step-by-Step: Show Battery Percentage macOS Ventura

  1. Click on the Apple logo on the Macbook Menu bar ,
  2. Select System Settings...,
    macOS Ventura System Settings
  3. Now on the left sidebar, select Control Center,
  4. Under Battery enable "Show Percentage",
    Control Center Battery Percentage macOS Ventura
  5. Check the Menu Bar on your Macbook, you should be able to see the battery percentage next to the battery icon.

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