[Solution] Mac Update Stuck Preparing macOS Ventura 13.0 About 30 minutes remaining

The latest version of macOS - Ventura 13.0 is released today and you must have got a notification on your Macbook. After the setup is downloaded you would see a message saying "Preparing macOS Ventura 13.0...", "About 30 minutes remaining" which is where the downloaded setup is verified at Apple's server, you might see it is stuck at this message for a long time.

Preparing macOS Ventura 13.0...About 30 minutes remaining

All you should do is wait, preparing an update usually takes more time than 30 minutes, so be patient and grab a cup of coffee and give it some time.

If still, it's taking too long few things you can try,

  • Make sure your internet is working.
  • Make sure you have a stable and a good bandwidth internet connection.
  • If your wifi connectivity is poor, try to switch to some other network for the setup image verification process.

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