How to Insert an Inverted Question Mark on Mac ¿

Inverted Question Mark Symbol macOS

Inverted Question Mark "¿" is used as an interrogative symbol at the beginning of a sentence in Spanish languages such as Asturian and Waray. If you are looking for this symbol on your Mac Keyboard you will not find it.

If you are a very frequent user of this symbol it is better to know the keyboard combinations to get this symbol instead of copy-pasting everything from somewhere.

Mac Keybaord Shortcut for Inverted Question Mark

Press Shift ⇧ and Option ⌥ Key together and while holding them press the ? or / Symbol key next Shift at the right side of your Mac Keyboard.

Shift ⇧ + Option ⌥ + /

Intrestingly, to type a question mark you press the Shift + / key, you just need to remember to press an additional Option key to get an interested one!

If you are on an iMac or Mac Mini with an external keyboard that does not have an Option key, you can try using the Alt key instead to get the same symbol.

I have tested this shortcut on M1 Macbook Pro running on macOS Ventura and it works! Do let us know in the comment section if you face any problems.


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