How to check of Updates on Microsoft Edge Browser on Mac (macOS)

With the AI Bots trying to bring about a change in how we use the internet, Microsoft has integrated ChatGPT with Bing Search and the new Edge Web Browser.

If you want to know if a software update is available for the Edge browser that you have installed on your Mac (M1/M2 or Intel Chip) follow the below steps.

  1. Open the Edge application (use Spotlight search)
  2. Now go to Menu: Settings... (if on macOS Ventura, or Preferences for macOS < 13)
    Microsoft Edge Settings on Mac
    macOS Tip: Press Command ⌘ + , keys to open Settings/Preferences for any application.
  3. Now select "About Microsoft Edge" from the sidebar.
  4. If a software update is available you will see it here, or else you will see "Microsoft Edge is up to date."
About Microsoft Edge Screen on Mac for Software update check
Tip: You can also navigate to the URL: edge://settings/help to reach to the About page.

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