How to add Widgets to MacBook Desktop

Lots have changed in the MacBook world (Mac OS X now known as macOS) the User Interface of the Mac's these days resembles most of what it looks like on the iOS.

Widgets have been a part of MacBooks for over a decade now and what we have now they can be easily accessed from the MacBook Desktop,

How to add Widgets on MacBook

Just click on the date on the top right of your MacBook Menu bar to display the Widgets,

Widgets on MacBook
Widgets on MacBook

Now at the bottom of the screen you should be able to see Edit button, click on it,

macOS Edit Widgets option to add or remove widgets

You can now search for Widgets and add them to the Notification Center, which can be easily access on multiple Desktops you have on your MacBook,

Add or Remove Widgets on Macbook
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