Spring Boot JDBCTemplate Upsert Example (batch insert or update if exists)

JdbcTemplate using Spring Boot provides update(String sql, Object... args) method which supports upsert (nsert or update if exists) operation. You can use this method to perform an upsert operation in the database.

Code Snippet:
String sql = "INSERT INTO employee (employeeId, employeeName, employeeDateOfBirth, employeeDepartment, employeeJoiningDate, employeeSalary) " +
            "VALUES (:id, :name, :dob, :department, :joiningDate, :salary) " +
            "ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE " +
            "employeeName=VALUES(employeeName), " +
            "employeeDateOfBirth=VALUES(employeeDateOfBirth), " +
            "employeeDepartment=VALUES(employeeDepartment), " +
            "employeeJoiningDate=VALUES(employeeJoiningDate), " +

MapSqlParameterSource[] batchParams = employees.stream()
            .map(employee -> new MapSqlParameterSource()
                    .addValue("id", employee.getEmployeeId())
                    .addValue("name", employee.getEmployeeName())
                    .addValue("dob", Date.valueOf(employee.getEmployeeDateOfBirth()))
                    .addValue("department", employee.getEmployeeDepartment())
                    .addValue("joiningDate", Date.valueOf(employee.getEmployeeJoiningDate()))
                    .addValue("salary", employee.getEmployeeSalary()))

namedParameterJdbcTemplate.batchUpdate(sql, batchParams);

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