How to get end of line (EOL) or new line character \r \n in Java

End of line (EOL), newline, line feed, line break, or carriage return characters are called as control characters in a text/String, it tells that this is the end of the line and the next text should appears on a new line.

This control character is represented in multiple ways based on which Operating System the file was created (file system)

Windows: \r\n
macOS (or Mac OS X): \r
Unix: \n

In Java Programming, if you want to get the newline character, you should make use of the lineSeparator() method from the System class.

 * Java Examples
 * How to get New Line Character in Java
public class JavaNewLineExample {

    public static void main(String[] args) {

        String myText = "This is my first line." + System.lineSeparator() + "This is my second line.";

This is my first line.
This is my second line.
How to get New Line in Java Example
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