How to restore closed file in Notepad++

At times while working on Notepad++ text/code editor, it may so happen that you close a tab for a file by mistake, or after closing a file you realize that you wanted to take a look at it again.

In such scenarios, it is possible to open the recently closed file back in Notepad++ using either the menu option or keyboard shortcut, let us take a look at both of them.

Restore closed file using Menu Option

  • Be on Notepad++ Application.
  • Now click on the Menu option File (or press Alt+F)
  • Now select the option "Restore Recent Closed File"
  • The last closed file will get loaded back as a tab.
Notepad++ Restore Recent Closed File

Restore closed file using Keyboard shortcut

  • Be on Notepad++ Application.
  • Now press the keys: Ctrl+ Shift+ T
  • The will load the last closed file again.
Notepad++ restored closed file using keyboard shortcut

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