How to remove app from Dock when closed [macOS Big Sur]

You must have noticed that when you close any app say App Store that you may not use very often on Mac stays on the Dock even when you close or quit the application. This would result in a lot of app icons on your dock and you might not want this behavior, here is how you can remove the app icon from the dock when you close it,


  1. Click on the Apple logo icon on Menu Bar,
  2. Click on System Preferences...
  3. Now Select Dock and Menu Bar
  4. Uncheck - Show recent applications in Dock
  5. Close
Remove closed applications from macOS Dock
Remove closed applications from macOS Dock
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⚠️ You still see the application you closed recently on the Dock? Well, you need to Quit the application, if you just close it, it will stay there! Just try (Command + Q) or go to Application Menu and click on Quit at the bottom.

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