How to install XML Tools Plugin Notepad++

In order to format and to perform schema validation of XML files or text in Notepad++ you will need to make use of the XML Tools plugin which you can download using the Plugins Admin...,

Steps to install XML Tools

  1. Go to Menu: Plugins -> Plugin Admin...
    Notepad++ Plugin Admin
  2. Search for XML Tools,
    Download and Install XML Tools in Notepad++
  3. Click on Install,
  4. Notepad++ will restart,
  5. Now under Plugins you should see an option of XML Tools,
Notepad++ XML Tools
Small set of useful tools for editing XML. 

The plugin is MSXML-based. 

The features are:
- XML syntax Check
- XML Schema (XSD) + DTD Validation
- XML tag autoclose
- Pretty print
- Linarize XML
- Current XML Path
- Conversion XML <-> Text
- Comment / Uncomment
- XPath expression evaluation

Author: Nicolas Crittin

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