How to install tabnine on VS Code

Install Tabnine Extension VS Code

If you want to install Tabnine - the AI Autocomplete for Javascript, follow the below steps,

  1. Click on the extension icon (or press Command + Shift + P (Mac), Control + Shift + P (Windows),
  2. Now Type: Tabnine,
  3. Click on the install button
  4. You have Tabnine installed.
Name: Tabnine AI Autocomplete for Javascript, Python, Typescript, PHP, Go, Java, Ruby & more
Id: TabNine.tabnine-vscode
Description: JavaScript, Python, Java, Typescript & all other languages - AI Code completion plugin. Tabnine makes developers more productive by auto-completing their code.
Version: 3.6.14
Publisher: TabNine
VS Marketplace Link:

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