How to install Google Chrome using Mac Terminal

Prerequisite: You must have homebrew package manager installed on your Mac.

If you do not have it then follow this article to install it first: Install brew on macOS

If you have a use case where you want to install Google Chrome Browser using Terminal on your Mac, you can achieve this using the brew cask command.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Open Terminal App.
  2. Run the below command to first check brew is installed.
    brew --version

    If you get an error brew: command not found, you will need to install brew first (as mentioned above)

  3. Now to install Chrome run the following command:
    brew install --cask google-chrome
  4. This should download the latest version of Chrome on your Mac based on your device chip - Intel or M1/M2 Apple Silicon-based ARM.
Install Google Chrome on Mac using brew

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