Installing Android Studio Dolphin on Mac with Apple (M1/M2) Chip

If you have a Mac with Apple M1/M2 Apple ARM Chip and want to install Android Studio Natively, follow the below steps,

  1. Go to the URL:,
  2. Now Click on Download Android Studio
    Download Android Studio Dolphin on M1-M2 Mac
  3. You will see a terms page - scroll down and accept the terms and select - Mac with Apple chip,
    Android Studio Dolphin 2021.3.1 - Mac with Apple Chip Option
  4. This should download the android-studio-2021.3.1.16-mac_arm.dmg
  5. Install it and Add it to Applications and you are good to go!

Note: Based on your Browser details - the auto-detects that you are on an Apple Chip-based Mac, if you are trying to download the setup on some other machine that is not the same, you may not get this option.


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