Find out your iPhone/iPad/iPod iOS version installed on your device

iOS is the Operating System that runs on all the handheld Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad (now called the iPadOS) and iPod touch.

If you want to know which version of the iOS software has been installed on your Apple device, you can find it out by going to the Settings App > General > About > Software Version

Let's see the above in screenshots:

  1. On the Home Screen - Tap on the Settings App,
  2. On The Home Screen - Click on Setting App-min
  3. Locate General and Tap on it,
  4. Tap on General-min
  5. Now Click on About,
  6. Click on About-min
  7. You should see the iOS version next to text - "Software Version"
  8. iOS version is displayed in General - About - Software Version-min
  9. Tab on Software Version and you should see the built version as well
  10. Tab on Software version to know more details-min

iOS Build Version List

iOS VersionBuild Version
3.1.3 7E18
4.2.1 8C148
5.1.1 9B206
6.1.6 10B500
7.1.2 11D257
9.3.5 13G36
9.3.6 13G37
10.3.3 14G60
10.3.4 14G61
12.5.5 16H62
15.1 19B74 / 19B75

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