Display full website address in Safari

This Article demonstrates how you can display full website address in Safari web browser.

As a web developer I always prefer to see the complete url in the address bar of a web browser, it give one a complete understanding of what the page is about and also to remember the url to be manually typed later.

One thing you must have noticed in the latest Safari browser for macOS (Big Sur) is that you only see the name of the website eg: code2care.org and not the complete url or the address of the page that you are currently viewing.

In order to see the complete address you will need to go to Safari menu Preferences option, then go to Advanced tab, now you will see "Smart Search Field" check the checkbox "Show full website address". Now when you will have a look at your address bar (also called as Smart Search Filed) you will be able to see the complete website address.

Quick steps to Enable website full address in Safari

  1. Open Safari web browser,
  2. Now to to Menubar -> Safari -> Preferences...
  3. Click on Advanced tab,
  4. Check "Show full website address" next to "Smart Search Field"
  5. Close Advanced window.

✌️You can use Keyboard Shortcut: Command + Comma keys to open the Advanced option.

If you want to hide the complete address, you can follow the same steps and just uncheck "Show full website address".

Below are some screenshots that shows you examples of how the Safari address bar url looks like when this option is displayed and enabled.

Full Website Address Disabled
Full Website Address Disabled
Displaying Safari Full Website Address
Displaying Safari Full Website Address

Some reasons why you would like to see a full address: