Clone Bitbucket repo in VS Code

Open BitBucket git repo in VS Code

If you work with Visual Studio Code (VS Code) and want to clone a BitBucket repo in it, the quickest way to do it is as follows,

  1. Login to your BitBucket account,
  2. Go to your repo and click Clone.
  3. Now select the option "Clone in VS Code"
    Clone in VS Code bitbucket repo
  4. Allow Do you want to allow this page to open “Visual Studio”?
  5. If the BitBucket extension is not installed you will get the below message, Click on Install and Open

    Extension 'Jira and Bitbucket (Atlassian Labs)' is not installed. Would you like to install the extension and open this URL?

    Jira and Bitbucket (Atlassian Labs) (atlassian.atlascode) wants to open a URL:


    VS Code BitBucket Extension

    If the extenstion exists, you may see: Allow an extension to open this URI? click Open

  6. Select Clone a new copy from Palette,
  7. Once cloned you would see a message: Would you like to open the cloned repository, or add it to the current workspace? click Open or Open in new Window

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