Make a list bullet and numbering in TextEdit on Mac

TextEdit Application on the Mac lets you create rich text files, hence it is possible to add text formatting like lists.

Bullets and Numbering Example TextEdit

If you want to add a bullet point or numbering list within your text file, you can do that as follows,

  1. Open TextEdit app.
  2. Make sure you have Rich Text option enabled under Menu: TextEdit -> Preferences/Settings -> New Document.
  3. Now click on "List bullets and numbering" option and you should see options,
    List bullets and numbering option TextEdit
    Options List bullets and numbering TextEdit
  4. Select the option you need and when you press enter, the list should continue in sequence.

    	1.	Point one
    	2.	Point two
    	3.	Point three
    	•	Bullet one
    	•	Bullet two
    	•	Bullet three
    	✓	Tick one
    	✓	Tick two
    	✓	Tick three
    	I.	Number one
    	II.	Number two
    	III.	Number three
    1. 2. 3..
    1) 2) 3)..
    A. B. C....
    a. b. c....
    a) b) c)..
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