Create a Gradle Java Project in VS Code

To Create a Gradle Java Project in VS Code you will first need to install the Gradle Extenstion,

✏️    Install Gradle for Java on VS Code

Example: Gradle Java Project in VS Code

  1. Open Palette,
    Mac: ⌘ Command + Shift + P
    Windiws: Control + Shift + P
  2. Now Type: > Gradle Create Java Project
    Create a Gradle Project in VS Code
  3. Select the folder where you want to create the project,
  4. Now you will see DSL options Kotlin/Groovy, select any you prefer, I selected Groovy,
  5. Now input the name of your project eg. demo
  6. You should see an alert, Create Gradle project, this would take a while!
    Create Gradle project VS Code
  7. You should now see the Java Gradle Project Structure ready (with settings.gradle, build.gradle, and gradlew) under the explorer.
Gradle Project Structure VS Code

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