[git] fatal: clean.requireForce defaults to true nor -f given; refusing to clean

% git clean

fatal: clean.requireForce defaults to true 
and neither -i, -n, nor -f given; refusing to clean

You will get this error when you try to clean your git local working directory if,

  • You have set the clean.requireForce value as false in the .gitconfig local/global file, or,
  • You have not set clean.requireForce in the .gitconfig local/global file.
  • Set clean.requireForce as true in the config file.
  • execute: git clean -n : to just tell which all files will be cleaned (dry run)
  • execute: git clean -i : to get into interactive mode.
  • execute: git clean -f: To force clean (overrides whats set in config file)
$ git clean -i
Would remove the following item:
*** Commands ***
    1: clean                2: filter by pattern    3: select by numbers
    4: ask each             5: quit                 6: help
What now> c
Removing d.txt
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