How to check installed docker version command

If you want to know what version of Docker has been installed on your system you can do it via the Docker Desktop UI or using command line, let see both examples:

Know docker version using command line (or Terminal)

  • Open Terminal/Command Line,
  • Type command: docker -v, this will print out the docker version installed on your device,
    docker -v      
    Docker version 20.10.12, build e91ed57

Know docker version using Docker Desktop App

Below example is demonstrated on macOS,

  • Goto Spotlight Search and type Docker and Open the App
  • You will see the docker icon on the menu bar,
    Docker desktop about
    Docker desktop about
  • Click on it and select "About Docker Desktop"
  • You will see a window with all version details
    Docker desktop version details
    Docker desktop version details
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