1000+ C Programming Programs List

This section contains 1000+ code written in C Programming language. Our motive is to help Computer Programming Students across the world learn and excel in c programming.

You can find all sorts of programs, from Beginner(Amatuer) to Advance levels. Each program may contain brief explanation about what the code does.

You can download the programs for free! If you would write to contribute, please write to us.

List of Programs (1 to 65) :

  1. Find Sum of two numbers

  2. Find Difference of two numbers

  3. Divide of two numbers

  4. Calculate Area and Circumfrence of Circle

  5. Calculate Area of Square

  6. Calculate Area of Rectangle

  7. Calculate Area and Parallelogram

  8. Calculate Area of Trapezoid

  9. Calculate Volume of Cube

  10. Calculate Volume of Cylinder

  11. Calculate Area of Ellispe

  12. Volume of Pyramid

  13. Calculate Volume of Cone

  14. Calculate Volume of Sphere

  15. Calculate Volume of Ellipsoid

  16. Calculate Surface area of Cube

  17. Calculate Surface area of Sphere

  18. Print Multiplication tables

  19. Compute Simple Interest (SI)

  20. Convert Degree to Fahrenheit

  21. Convert Fahrenheit to Degree

  22. Convert Meters to Feet

  23. Convert Feet to Meters

  24. Convert Feet to Centimeters

  25. Convert Feet to Milimeter

  26. Convert Kilometer (Km) to Miles (Mi)

  27. Convert Yard to Foot

  28. Convert Inch to Cm

  29. Convert Kb to Mb

  30. Convert Gb to Mb

  31. Convert Mb to Kb

  32. Convert Kg to lbs

  33. Convert Kg to Ounce

  34. Convert Pounds to Grams

  35. Calculate total marks and Percentage

  36. Calculate Discount Amount

  37. Swap two numbers using a temperory variable

  38. Swap two numbers without using a temperory variable

  39. Reverse digits of entered number

  40. Calculate Sum of digits of entered number

  41. Calculate Sum of digits of entered number

  42. Find Greatest among 3 numbers

  43. Find Smallest among 3 numbers

  44. Find Number is even or odd

  45. Check Entered char is a Vowel or Consonant

  46. Check Entered Number is a Leap Year or not

  47. Find factorial of a number

  48. Display day of week using switch case

  49. Check entered number is positive or negative

  50. Print Individual digits of entered number

  51. Print Greatest of two number using ternary operator

  52. Display 1st 10 natural numbers and their sum

  53. Display star/asterisk triangle sequence 1

  54. Display star/asterisk triangle sequence 2

  55. Display star/asterisk triangle sequence 3

  56. Display star/asterisk isoceles triangle/pyramid sequence 4

  57. Display star/asterisk inverted triangle/pyramid sequence 5

  58. Display half triangle/pyramid of number sequence 6

  59. Display half triangle/pyramid of alphabets sequence 7

  60. Display Pascal Triangle (Pyramid) sequence 8

  61. Display diamond shape sequence 9

  62. Display diamond shape sequence 8

  63. Display triangle on numbers 1 to 15 sequence 11

  64. Display Fibonacci numbers between 1-100

  65. Display Fibonacci numbers between 1-100 using recursion function