Are Windows Notepad files recoverable?

Question - Windows Notepad files recoverable

If you were in the middle of drafting an important email or taking notes while in a call in Windows Notepad text editor and forget to save the file and the contents were lost? and you are wondering are Windows Notepad files recoverable? the straight answer is no they are not.

Yes it's 2022 and yet Windows Notepad is a very basic text editing tool and does not save a backup/draft/temp copy of the file that you are actively working on, so it is very important that,

  • Avoid using Notepad to work on important text notes - rather use Notepad++/Sublime Text/Edit Plus which saves the file as a draft every x seconds, so even if you forget to save it when you open it again it will have your text.
  • If you have no other options available, make sure to save the file every now and then as you add notes.

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