Windows 10 now has a new enhanced Calculator with a new icon

New Windows 10 icon on the tastbark
New Windows 10 icon on the tastbark

If you just notice the calculator in Windows 10 post the recent update, you would have seen a new icon for it, well, it's not just the new icon but also few new enhancements that they have added to the calculator application.

Keep on top Windows Calculator feature
Keep on top Windows Calculator feature

Keep on top (Alt + Up) button

This is really a very handy feature, when you click this button on the calculator or press Alt + Up Arrow key, the calculator sticks at the top right side of your seen and stays there as you switch between applications. This lets you keep looking for figures on different applications like Excel sheets + Web browser or what not! keep the calculator at fixed position makes it easy to add more computaion values without doing Alt+Tab to get back the calculator in the front.

Version Details:
Calculator 10.2005.23.0
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