The package must have at least one . separator [Android Studio]

If you see the below error message when trying to configure a new Android Project in Android Studio IDE, then you need to make sure that the Package Name is chosen correctly.

The package must have at least one '.' separator

Make sure that the package name has at least one dot in it. example com.code2care, but if you know how package names are chosen then it should have 2 dots and 3 words in it,

Syntax: domainextension.domain.appname
  • com.code2care.myappname
  • org.code2care.gamename
  • com.facebook.katana: This is Facebook App for Android Package name
  • This is for Android Chrome Browser

So the 1st part of the package name is the domain e.g. com, org, net e.t.c, the 2nd part is your company name, 3rd part is the app name.

Note: As this will be your java package - it should only contain lower case text per convention.

Android Studio - The package must have at least one . separator

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