Notepad++ Convert text from lower to upper case

In order to convert text from lower to upper or vice-versa in Notepad++, try the following steps,

  1. Open your text file in Notepad++
  2. Select the text from the file you want to convert (or Ctrl+A if you want to change case for the whole file).
  3. Now go to Menu -> Edit -> Convert to case
  4. Here you can select Upper/lower option.
  5. Based on what you select you would see the text being changed.

Note: You can also use Keyboard shortcuts - Ctrl + Shift + U for UPPERCASE or Ctrl + U for lowercase conversion.

Convert Text Case upper to lower Notepad++
Convert Text Case upper to lower Notepad++


  • Thank you for the keyboard shortcut!!
    23 Jul 2020 09:07:56 GMT
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