How to Enable spellcheck Notepad++

Notepad++ is a great text editor for the Windows Operating system, it works great with a quick text and code editing. But at times you may also be using it as an alternative to Word Document, and you may wish if we had the option to highlight erred spellings,

Spellcheck is not by default available on Notepad++, we need to download it via the Plugin Admin, its called "DSpellCheck", below are the steps to enable spell check,

  1. Go to Plugins.. -> Plugin Admin..
  2. Search or look for DSpellCheck, Check the plugin and click Install
  3. You would be prompted that Notepad++ will get restarted post the update, so make sure you save all your work before the update.
  4. Once you click yes, Notepad++ will get restarted.
  5. Now you should see an ABC icon below the Menu bar, but you may see no text getting spellchecked.
  6. Note: you would require to install a language dictionary in order to highlight incorrect works to do that follow the below steps
    • Go to Menu -> Plugins -> DSpellCheck
    • Click on Download Dictionaries and get the language dictionary you want.
    • Now you should see incorrect words getting highlighted.
Details about the plugin:
Spell-checking with these main features:

- Underlining spelling mistakes
- Iterating through all mistakes in document
- Finding mistakes only in comments and strings (For files with standard programming language syntax e.g. C++)
- Possible usage of multiple languages (dictionaries) simultaneously to do spell-checking.
- Getting suggestions for words by either using default Notepad++ menu 
  or separate context menu called by special button appearing under word.
- Able to add words to user dictionary or ignore them for current session of Notepad++
- Using either Hunspell library (included in plugin) or Aspell library (needs to be installed).
- A lot of customizing available from Plugin settings (Ignoring/Allowing 
  only specific files, Choosing delimiters for words, Maximum number of suggestions etc)
- Support for downloading and removing Hunspell dictionaries through user friendly GUI interface
- Ability to quickly change current language through the nice menu.

Author: Sergey Semushin